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Training Centre

Training: an absolute priority

The heart and soul of a top club

One of the biggest teams in French football, F.C. Girondins de Bordeaux have been French champions 5 times. The Girondins have always known that the key to building a strong team is a top class training policy, designed to pass on the values of the club to the next generation of young players, the club's future.

Since the foundation of the F.C. Girondins de Bordeaux Training Centre more than ten years ago, training has become one of the club's key objectives.

This policy of investment is beginning to pay dividends, with the academy producing players of international quality, national titles for the u15 and u17 teams in 1999, and a growing demand for places in the Training Centre from players in France, Europe and the world.

In 1999, the takeover of the club by the M6 media group provided the Girondins with the means to strengthen their commitment to their key priority of youth training. M6 has always been a springboard for fresh young talent, and with this principle in mind the company is more committed than ever to developing the Training Centre, creating new sporting and reception facilities and providing the club's youth teams with top class coaches.
Players entering the FC Girondins de Bordeaux Training Centre can be sure of receiving a comprehensive education, both sporting and academic, equipping them for life in the professional team.
To help our trainees meet their goals, the Training Centre provides them with the tools they will need to succeed in the world of business as well as the world of professional football.

It's our number one priority!

Academic and sporting education

Comprehensive training


As soon as they enter the training centre, our young players receive an academic education as rigorous as their football training. We consider it to be essential for our trainees to succeed on both levels. For this reason, FC Girondins de Bordeaux is committed to helping young players find a balance between their passion for football and their educational obligations, to ensure that they are not left under-prepared for their future professional life.



A crucial balance for a successful future
The young players enrolled at our Training Centre follow the regular school curriculum. This programme provides a balance which will be essential to their well-being, equipping them for the future. The Training Centre works in partnership with three insitutions offering courses specially tailored to top-level athletes.
A specially-adapted timetable
The young trainees follow a specially-arranged timetable which allows them to get the most from their sporting and academic lives. These special hours are approved by agreements signed with our educational partners: lessons finish at 15:00 every day to allow time for training.



One goal: the professional team
The FC Girondins de Bordeaux Training Centre is home to around sixty young players aged between 13 and 20. The squad is split into three groups. Between the ages of 13 and 15 the youngsters are in the 'pre-training' phase, before passing into full training in the 15-18 age group. Finally, the bridge between training and joining the professional squad is provided by the post-training apprenticeship which young players serve in the Reseve Team (CFA 1 or 2). All of these training programmes have a single prime objective: to prepare players for the demands of the first team.

A personal touch
Physiological and technical evaluations are performed twice annually. Our players then receive personalised individual training sessions based on the results. The director of training is in regular contact with the manager of the first team, helping him to keep an eye on the development of all young players, with a view to helping them progress into the professional squad.


Monitoring the progression of our young players

Serious medical supervision is crucial

All of the players at our Training Centre are playing football at a very high level, and the club is committed to monitoring them closely to avoid injuries and ensure that they remain at the peak of their physical fitness. To do this, the Training Centre has its own trained medical team to work with the young recruits. Thanks to their constant presence and regular interaction with coaches and players, the medical staff can adopt a personalised approach to all cases.

Daily, personalised support
Playing sport to a high level requires constant medical supervision and support. To ensure that our young players reamin in top condition, and to avoid any accidents, medical supervision is a key component of our training programme.

A full staff at the players' disposal

The Training Centre's medical staff includes a specialist sports doctor, a physiotherapist and a physical fitness coach responsible for injury prevention and reeducation. The club doctor is on call 24/7, and is present at all matches and training sessions. He communicates regularly with coaches and players, to identify any problems and provide the medical advice required to play sport at the highest level.

Regular check-ups
At the start of every season, the medical team conducts a full physical examination of all players: sleep patterns, clinical analysis, cardio-vascular performance, digestive system, neurological assessment, locomotive system etc. The doctor and the coaching staff then produce a biometric, phsyical and physiological assessment of each player.


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